Starting Cosmos

Started three different cosmos varieties today:  Sea Shells, Sensation Mix, and Double Click:

These should germinate within 7-10 days.


Aster update

Well, nothing germinated from the Aster seeds I started last week so started a new batch today.  This time I started approx. 15 seeds of ‘Valkyrie Mix’ and 20 seeds of ‘Tower Custom Mix’.

They both should take 10-14 days to germinate.

Snapdragon growth

Snapdragons started on 26-Feb-2016 have taken off.  The seedlings on the left were transplanted a day before the seedlings on the right.

I brought one of the 28 seedlings to my parents to show them the growth and after a few days of being in a ‘normal’ setting, has not grown as well as the ones under fluorescent lights.IMAG0813.jpg

Decided to start another 20-30 seeds for a second planting, since I will not be planting any snapdragon seeds directly into the garden.