Snapdragon growth

Snapdragons started on 26-Feb-2016 have taken off.  The seedlings on the left were transplanted a day before the seedlings on the right.

I brought one of the 28 seedlings to my parents to show them the growth and after a few days of being in a ‘normal’ setting, has not grown as well as the ones under fluorescent lights.IMAG0813.jpg

Decided to start another 20-30 seeds for a second planting, since I will not be planting any snapdragon seeds directly into the garden.


Transplanting Snapdragons


Placed snapdragon seedlings into larger containers today.  Ended up transplanting 18 of the seedlings, they are just starting to show their first true leaves!  Will transplant the remaining seedlings in a day or so.

Snapdragon update

The snapdragon seeds quickly germinated in the container and the plastic wrap was removed on March 3rd.


Some of the seedlings have the seed shell restricting growth, probably from not planting the seed deep enough, so the seed did not soften with watering.  Since I have enough ‘good’ seedlings to transplant to the next stage, I’m not concerned with this back of plants but will try to minimize this next time.


Starting Snapdragons

Now that the grow lamps are set up, I can start preparing my snapdragon seeds. I placed the packet of seeds in the freezer two days ago, since this supposedly helps with germination.

Snapdragon Seeds.jpg

Snapdragon seeds need light to germinate, so I prepared a tray with wet seed starting mix and sprinkled about 50 seeds on top.  Using plastic wrap, I sealed the tray and pressed the seeds into the growing medium.

Snapdragon seeds 2.jpg

Some say that snapdragon seeds will germinate at 60 degrees F, others at 80 degrees F.  I’ll try the warmer temperature for this batch of snapdragons.  Once these begin to show true leaves, I’ll separate them into grow pots. For now, we wait the 10-14 days to see if anything germinates!