Aster update

Well, nothing germinated from the Aster seeds I started last week so started a new batch today.  This time I started approx. 15 seeds of ‘Valkyrie Mix’ and 20 seeds of ‘Tower Custom Mix’.

They both should take 10-14 days to germinate.


Starting Seeds (Asters, Cynoglossum, Gomphrena)

Started 8 ‘Valkyrie Mix’ Asters today.  These should germinate in the next 14 days.

Started 12 ‘Chinese Forget-me-not’ Cynoglossum seeds today. Covered the container, since these germinate in the dark. These should germinate in 5-8 days.

Started 8 ‘QIS mix’ Gomphrena today.  These should germinate in 5-14 days.