Transplanting Snapdragons


Placed snapdragon seedlings into larger containers today.  Ended up transplanting 18 of the seedlings, they are just starting to show their first true leaves!  Will transplant the remaining seedlings in a day or so.


2 thoughts on “Transplanting Snapdragons

  1. Did you use a heating mat for them? I have been growing mine for 3 weeks now and they aren’t anyways near as big as yours. I have them inside, under fluorescent lights and on a heat mat.


    1. I’m assuming that your seeds did germinate and are now growing slowly. Using the germination mat may make the soil too warm for the seedlings. I placed my snapdragon seedlings at approx. 60°F once they germinated (no heat mat, just using the heat generated by the fluorescent lights and reflective insulation), as they do best with cooler temperatures. Good luck!


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