Setting up grow lights

Today, I set up my seed starting grow lamps.  Here’s the lighting I use to start my seeds:

  • Two 4 foot fluorescent shop lights
  • a 5 tier freestanding shelving unit (74-in H x 48-in W x 18-in D)
  • pvc pipes and fittings, used as an adjustable support for the shop lights
  • reflective foil insulation
  • heating germination mat
  • plug-in timer outlet and surge protector
  • indoor thermometer

Using PVC pipe, I created a support system attached to the shelving unit using some PVC tee fittings. This also allows me to manually position the height of the lights. The growing area is lined with the reflective foil insulation, keeping the two ends open for ventilation.

Here are some photos of the setup:

Growing Setup 2.jpg
Side view of grow lights



Growing Setup
Front view (with insulation removed) of grow lights


This worked well last year with tomato, pepper and other vegetable seeds I started. With the germination heat mat and the fluorescent lights, the temperature stays around 80-85 degrees F.


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