Growing annual cut flowers in 2016

To supplement our farm stand and farmers’ market stand, I decided to try growing cut flowers! I’ll start with easy annuals and will try to keep a journal here.

After reading a few books, agricultural co-operative extension guides, and searching the internet for cut flower articles, I decided to grow primarily zinnias, cosmos, asters, sunflowers, and stock varieties for annual cut flowers. If this goes well, I’ll expand in future years with other annuals.  Luckily, we have a decent selection of perennial flowers already growing, to supplement the annual flowers.

In December, 2015 I purchased the following seeds at Johnny’s Selected Seeds, spending approx. $100:

Aster ‘Tower Custom Mix’ (1 pkt, 50 seeds)
Aster ‘Valkyrie Mix’ (1 pkt, 50 seeds)
Centaurea ‘Choice Mix’ (1 pkt, 100 seeds)
Cosmos ‘Sea Shells’ (1 pkt, 50 seeds)
Cosmos ‘Sensation Mix’ (1/2 oz, ~2100 seeds)
Cosmos ‘Double Click’ (1 pkt, 25 seeds)
Cynoglossum ‘Chinese Forget-Me-Not’ (1 oz, 5100 seeds)
Gomphrena ‘QIS mix’ (1 pkt, 100 seeds)
Gypsophila ‘Covent Garden’ (1 pkt, 100 seeds)
Nigella ‘Love-In-A-Mist’ (1 pkt, 100 seeds)
Orlaya ‘White Finch’ (250 seeds)
Rudbeckia ‘Prairie Sun’ (1 pkt, 100 seeds)
Salpiglossis ‘Royale Mix’ (250 seeds)
Scabiosa ‘QIS Pincushion Mix’ (500 seeds)
Snapdragon ‘Rocket Mix’ (500 seeds)
Stock ‘Quartet Formula Mix’ (250 seeds)
Zinnia ‘Bernary’s Giant Mix’ (200 seeds)

I estimate that I’ll need approx. 200 feet of 3 feet wide flower beds, not including the sunflowers, which I will be planted in a different garden.